TikTok Live is now integrated with Streamlabs.

While previously it was still possible to go live on TikTok using the livestreaming software, this integration simplifies the experience. Creators once had to retrieve and enter their stream key along with a streaming URL. They also needed to go live on both TikTok and Streamlabs. Integration radically streamlines creators’ workflows, and simplifies the use of Streamlabs’ engagement and monetization tools.

TikTok joins its competitors Twitch and YouTube with this integration. The collaboration also allows creators to effortlessly utilize its Multistream and Dual Output features on TikTok, where creators can go live on multiple platforms and choose between a horizontal or vertical stream. Ashray Urs, Head of Product at Streamlabs, told Mashable he sees the integration resonating with creators as they continue to grow more cross-platform.

TikTok launched TikTok Live in 2019 and it remains a way for creators to make money directly on the platform, but it’s a convoluted process. Viewers can buy coins through the app and use them to buy creators “gifts” to send during livestreams. Coins cost 74 cents per 70 coins and gifts range from one coin for a flower sticker to 29,999 coins for a lion sticker. Creators convert these gifts back into coins with TikTok reportedly taking 50 percent of the revenue. Creators can then convert these gifts into “diamonds” and once they accumulate 100 diamonds they can be exchanged for actual money.

The ability to seamlessly multi-stream will likely make a huge difference among creators mining for diamonds on TikTok.

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