TL;DR: As of March 24, if you want to learn how to use Excel for automation, data analysis, and more, you can study the basics in the Complete Excel, VBA, and Data Science Certification Training Bundle while it’s only $49.99 (reg. $429).

If you’re in the working world, odds are you’ve run into Microsoft Excel. This app may be common, but that definitely doesn’t mean it’s easy to master. Even if you’ve used it, there might be features you’re missing out on, but you don’t have to hunt through the menu or sleuth out the meaning behind every function and macro you can make. 

Instead, you can study the basics in the Complete Excel, VBA, and Data Science bundle. It won’t make you an Excel master overnight, but this bundle does have 52 hours of video lectures that you can check to find the skills you need to familiarize yourself with for work, school, or research, and it’s only $49.99. 

Become an Excel-lent student

If you’ve never used Excel, don’t worry. This course starts at the beginning with a six-lesson intro to the absolute basics. If you’ve already used Excel a little, no need to go over repeat material. These courses aren’t linear, so you can jump into whatever’s most useful. 

If you want to learn about automating basic tasks, check out any of the VBA courses. There are beginner and intermediate options, but both cover a lot of material. Need to turn all those numbers into gorgeous graphs and enchanting charts? Time to join Excel Charts and Visualization

Sitting at a crossroads and can’t decide what to learn next? Cross that function junction with a mastery course taught by pros from Mammoth Interactive. And once you have the core concepts down, you can join courses that put your Excel skills to work with finances, pivot tables, and machine learning. 

Make Excel your new favorite app

Once you have the basics down, you could use Excel to automate repetitive parts of your job, analyze complex data, and more. 

Mashable Deals

For a limited time, the Complete Excel, VBA, and Data Science bundle is on sale for $49.99. 

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