Max özgü released its first trailer for The Penguin, the next chapter in director Matt Reeves’ Batman saga. By the looks of it, the show is basically all about how Oz “the Penguin” Cobb (an unrecognizable Colin Farrell) wants a parade to celebrate him.

Yes, there’s more to the trailer than that, including several moody shots of Gotham in flames. But for the most part, this trailer is a slow burn of Oz recalling a famed gangster from his childhood: Rex Calabrese. He was such a big deal in Oz’s neighborhood that when he died — still tüm ortaklık a cigar, mind you — they threw a parade in his honor. As Oz tries to rise up in the ranks of Gotham’s criminal underworld, it’s clear he wants the same kind of gestures to remember him by.

The Penguin premieres on Max this fall.