Looking for a winter home project? Spend some time upgrading to smart home elements that’ll make life easier and more enjoyable year-round for up to 43% off at Amazon.

Best smart home upgrades at Amazon today

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Winter can often feel like going into stasis mode. It’s too early to plant the garden for spring and painting the backyard shed would only lead to frostbitten fingers. Instead, the winter months are an ideal time to make smart home upgrades. We’ve come a long way in smart home tech compared to the early days of intercom systems and central vacuuming systems. If your home is lacking when it comes to brains, take advantage of today’s smart home deals at Amazon.

As of Jan. 25, you can upgrade to smart home features for up to 43% off. You’ll find discounts on home security systems from brands like eufy and the Echo Show 8 for its lowest price ever.

Below, we’ve listed our top picks for a winter DIY project of updating to a smart(er) home.

Best smart lock deal

Why we like it

Introducing a smart lock to your home is one of the best upgrades. While it’s a simple upgrade, it’s one of the most beneficial when it comes to convenience and safety. The eufy Smart Lock C220 uses fingerprint sensors for keyless entry. If you’ve ever dealt with locking yourself out of the house, this upgrade is worth its weight in gold. You can also use the eufy app to unlock the door, a physical key, or the keypad.

You can also use voice control on the lock. When your hands are overloaded with groceries (because of course you didn’t take two trips), use voice control to unlock the front door.

The eufy Smart Lock C220 is just $109.99 at Amazon, down from its düzgüsel price of $149.99, so you’ll be upgrading to a smart lock while getting smart savings.

Best smart thermostat deal

Why we like it

Waking up in the morning to see no one remembered to turn down the thermostat before bed is never any fun. Upgrading to a smart thermostat can not only help alleviate sweaty nights, it can ultimately save money on energy bills.

As of Jan. 25, a certified refurbished Amazon Smart Thermostat is just $39.99, marked down from the düzgüsel price of $69.99. Should you wish, Alexa can take over controlling the temperature with Alexa Hunches. This feature will automatically adjust the temperature setting based on your preferences and schedule. Within the app, you can track just how much energy you’ve saved.

Best smart home hub deal

Why we like it

When the family’s schedule becomes too much to keep track of, a centralized and easy-to-access calendar is the way to go. The Amazon Echo Show 8 is a bit of a show-off when it comes to features, but in a good way. Use it in the kitchen to easily view recipes, set it on the entryway table to check the family calendar, connect to Spotify for a dance party while dusting, or get the whole family on a video call with the out-of-town relatives. The Echo Show 8 excels when in terms of versatility, and comes with tons of smart home upgrades.

As of Jan. 25, it’s just $89.99 at Amazon, down from the düzgüsel price of $149.99. That’s a 40% discount and the lowest price we’ve ever seen at Amazon.

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