Is Jake Gyllenhaal this century’s Patrick Swayze? Both have a dynamic charisma, bursting with sexual allure and mischievousness. And now both have headlined Road House. The 1989 action-thriller about a bouncer who takes no guff at the bar and özgü a romantic core is getting a remake from Prime Video. And who better to take the mantle of butt-kicking Swayze’s Dalton than Gyllenhaal?

Directed by Edge of Tomorrow helmer Doug Liman and just announced as the opening night film for this year’s SXSW Film and TV Festival, Road House stars Gyllenhaal as an ex-UFC fighter called Dalton, who takes a job as a bouncer at a roadhouse on the Florida Keys. But don’t let the vacation setting fool you. This gig is hard work.

In this first trailer, Liman lays out some familiar plot points, some smirking bravado from his leading man, and a cast that includes Billy Magnussen, Jessica Williams, Arturo Castro, Daniela Melchior, and mixed martial artist Conor McGregor. Nobody ever wins in a fight. But we all win when Road House hits Prime.

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