TL;DR: Through April 16, save on Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022 along with courses on Python, C++, and ChatGPT, all for $51.99 with code ENJOY20

There’s more to learning to code than picking a language and running with it. You may also have to find an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that helps you work on your projects. It’s the place where you actually write your code, and some of them have tools built in to streamline the process. 

Beginner programmers can get lifetime access to a comprehensive IDE and thorough courses training you on coding basics when you get the Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022 and Learn to Code bundle on sale for $51.99. That sale only lasts until April 16 though. 

What is Visual Studio Pro?

Visual Studio Professional 2022 is a development environment that could help to enhance your productivity while you’re working on large, complex, or collaborative projects. This 64-bit IDE lets developers write code for mobile or desktop apps with .NET MAUI, craft responsive web UIs in C# using Blazor, and debug and kontrol their code using .NET and C++ apps in Linux.

One of the major highlights of Visual Studio Pro is IntelliCode, which is like contextual auto-complete for developers. That means your IDE is constantly analyzing your code, making suggestions, and offering insights to help you complete single lines or whole blocks. Make sure to check the CodeLens to see recent changes, authors, tests, and commit history if you’re working in a group. 

And if you’re just learning how to program, make sure to check out the intro coding courses included in this bundle. Get the basics of Python 3, C++, and more taught by industry pros like John Purcell, a full-time private software trainer based out of Hungary. 

Learn to code

Don’t lose your chance to learn how to code and get a place to do it. 

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Get the Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2022 and Premium Learn to Code bundle for $51.99 until April 16 at 11:59 p.m. PT when you use code ENJOY20

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