TL;DR: Through April 16, the Portable 36W Switch Dock Charger Brick, a compact alternative to the original Nintendo Switch Dock, is on sale for $35.99 for a limited time. 

The Nintendo Switch may be portable, but the dock it came with doesn’t quite match. If you want to game on the go, you could do it on the Switch’s own screen, but connecting to a monitor requires a docking station, which means dragging around the bulky bit of plastic the Switch came with. Or you can pick up a much smaller alternative Switch dock.

The Portable 36W Switch Dock Charger Brick puts a few of the main functions of the Nintendo Switch dock into a compact brick you could tuck in a pocket or purse. Normally, this alternative Nintendo Switch dock would cost $39, but you can get it for $35.99. 

Connect, charge, play

Leave the old dock at home. The Portable Switch Brick is a convenient alternative that lets you connect your Switch to the big screen using 4K@60Hz HDMI. Just plug your console into the dock and connect it to the monitor or TV of your choice. You can also use this little brick to charge your console, and it’s equipped with a smart protection GaN chip to help prevent overcurrent, overheating, and overvoltage. 

This brick may not have as many ports as the original Nintendo Switch docking station, but it’s also not limited to just your Switch. This brick is also compatible with mobile devices, so you may be able to connect or charge your phone or tablet. 

Portable dock for the Nintendo Switch

Ditch that clunky old dock that came with your Nintendo Switch and go for one that you can also use with your phone or tablet. 

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For a limited time, you can get the Portable 36W Switch Dock Charger Brick for $35.99. 

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